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Psychic Reviews is an online resource for Psychics and related fields in Australia and throughout the world.

What makes us different from all the other psychic sites out there? To start with, being based in Australia we have covered Psychics, resources and information for the local community like never before. We are a truly international site as we cover everything psychic in-depth no matter where that resource is. If it’s psychic related, it has a place here.

We have also embraced the interactivity the internet provides giving you access to reviews and insights into Psychics, networks, related fields and psychic tools. We’ve even added our own Psychic Forum so you can enjoy a chat, ask questions and learn from others in the Psychic community.

Our guide covers everything from Tarot Cards to Runes, Reiki Masters, Books and Videos, Crystals, Oils and more. You’ll find articles to keep you informed and entertained. All these features are here to make your visit to enjoyable, useful and memorable.

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What you should know about Psychic Reviews

  • Psychic Reviews was founded in 2012 to help Australians find great Psychics and psychic tools and resources.
  • Psychic Reviews is independent and not associated with any Psychic, association, product or brand.
  • All Australian Psychics and owners of associated services and products may add, claim and edit their own listings free of charge.
  • Visitors can become members for free. This gives access to a range of additional features on Psychic Reviews.
  • In addition to reviews, you’ll also find events, articles and fun things to try.
  • is always expanding.
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