Content Guidelines

General Guidelines

Psychic Reviews allows users to contribute many different types of content including reviews, event information, course details, votes, photos, and more. Essentially the site is open for your personal use as long as you register as a free member, however to ensure everyone plays nice we’ve added a few guidelines to consider.

  • Inappropriate Content: Do not insult, attack or defame any other person whether they be a member or not. Harassment, bigotry, etc will not be tolerated.
  • Conflicts of Interest: You reviews and other contributions should be unbiased and objective. For example you must not write reviews of your own self or business, or those of your friends, relatives, business associates etc.
  • Promotional Content: We do not allow promotional content in the forums or on review profiles. Do not attempt to use this site for your commercial gain.
  • Relevance: Please make sure your contributions are relevant and appropriate to the site. The focus of your content should be on topic and not for any type of gain, to defame, or otherwise move a topic off track.
  • Privacy: Do not make public by any means anothers personal information.
  • Intellectual Property: Do not use content found on this site including that contributed by other users. Do not use content found elsewhere that you do not own the rights to.


Review Guidelines

Each review should be based on first hand experience and not on hearsay of friends, co-workers, etc. This allows you to share a detailed experience and provide objective reviews for others to consider.

  • Accuracy: Please ensure your contributions are based solely on fact. Opinions are welcome but do not misrepresent the facts. We do not take any sides when it comes to factual disputes, you are expected to stand behind your review 100%.
  • Personal Experience: We want to hear about first hand experiences only. Do not submit reviews based on broad generalisations or allegations.


User Profile Guidelines

Each member of this site has their own profile page and this is yours to do with what you will so long as it doesn’t breach any of our other guidelines. Visitors to the site want to know who reviewed the Psychic or product they were looking at, so don’t be shy, express yourself.


Event Guidelines

The Events Calendar is the place to add an upcoming event you think will be of interest to our users. Events must not be promotional announcements or fishing for sales. It is to inform only.


Psychic and Business/Product Owner Guidelines

Psychics and business or product owners are welcome to get in on the act here at Psychic Reviews. After registering on the site, you have the ability to either Add listing or Claim listing (if one is already present) which will allow you to edit it and respond to users reviews.

  • Videos: We allow the submission of one YouTube video on your listing page. This can be a great way to promote your business, however please keep it on topic and relative to your listing.
  • Your Listing: Your listing must be accurate, on topic and not include promotional fluff. Your listing is not your personal promotional tool, but a place where visitors to the site can learn more about you, your business or product. Marketing speak in any form is unacceptable.
  • Public Comments: Ever heard the saying you can’t please everyone all the time? Well you may find yourself at the end of a negative or poor review from time to time, it happens, no matter how good you are or think you are. If you feel the need to dispute the review or comments, you can either respond publicly through the reviews section on your page, or privately to the person through the community private messaging system if the user allows it.Do not ask us to remove a review just because it is negative, it will not happen. If how ever you feel a review breaches our guidelines then please contact us with details and we will look into it. We do remove all reviews that breach our policies.