Help and FAQ

Help and FAQ

Browse the list and discover the answers you seek. If you do not find what you are looking for here, please contact us. We always love hearing from our wonderful visitors.

General Questions

What is Psychic Reviews?

Psychic Reviews is an all encompassing online realm for Psychics in Australia. You’ll find a directory, events calendar, courses, reviews, forum, community and more. It’s the place to talk and let others know what is good.. and not so good.. in the realm of Psychics.

Is Psychic Reviews free?
Yes. Psychic Reviews is completely free. Free to use, free to list relative businesses, events, courses, etc.

Is Psychic Reviews independent?
Yes. Psychic Reviews is not affiliated with any Psychics, networks, associations, products or any other relative businesses.

Listing Information

How did my listing end up on Psychic Reviews?

Our listings come from a number of sources including human editors that compile information on Psychics, events, courses, products, etc. Users of the site also submit information for listings. If you feel the information is out of date or incorrect, please feel free to Claim the listing which will provide you with editing rights.

How do I claim my listing?

To claim your own listing, you first need to be a registered member of Psychic Reviews. This is free and you can register by clicking the register link on each page and then submitting and verifying your account details. Once registered, login to your account, visit your listing page and click the Claim this listing at the base of the content. We will then verify you are the true owner of the listing before allowing you access. Be sure to create your user account with an email address listed on or with the domain name of your website to speed up this process.

How do I add a listing?

To add your listing to Psychic Reviews, login to your account. If you do not have an account yet, register and then login. Once you are logged in, visit the category page where your listing will belong. For example, if you are an Australian Psychic, visit the Australian Psychics page via the top menu. At the base of that page click the Add new listing button and complete the form. All listings are checked for accuracy and to ensure they meet our content guidelines before going live on the site.

User Reviews

How do I add a review?

Any listing on Psychic Reviews is available for review. To add your own, visit the details page of the Psychic or listing you wish to review. At the base of the listing you will find an “Add New Review” button. Click this button, fill in the details, select a rating out of 5 stars and add your own thoughts. If you wish to keep track of your reviews and have them visible on your own community page, please login or register as a member first.

What should I review?

Any Psychic, Psychic network, magazine, association, tarot deck, smartphone app, course, event, book, reading room, it’s all available for you to share your thoughts. Please be sure to only review services and products you have personally experienced and check the content guidelines before submitting your review.

If I have had a bad experience, can I say something negative?

Visitors to the site are looking for honest opinions whether they be good, bad or somewhere inbetween. As such we welcome all reviews that are honest, even if they are negative. Be sure to keep your reviews factual though as you may encounter legal consequences by posting false information.

Can I receive an incentive for writing a review?

We are looking for honest opinions. Please do not exchange the giving of a 5 star rating for an incentive as it may devalue your contribution.

Do reviews ever get removed?

Sometimes yes. If a review violates our Terms of Service or our Content Guidelines it may be removed. Reviewers that were logged into their member account when submitting the review may remove the review of their own accord.

Will Psychic Reviews remove a bad review if I pay for sponsorship?

Simply put, no. We remove reviews based solely on our content guidelines and terms of service. If you feel a review contains factually inaccurate information, please contact us.

Why do some Psychics have so many reviews and others none?

Some Psychics have many reviews and they keep flooding in because they have embraced the site and linked to us from their Testimonials page. This allows their visitors and clients to have their say on a third party monitored service such as ours. Others have promoted their pages on Facebook, Twitter and the like. The more involved the Psychic is with receiving honest feedback, the more reviews they appear to receive here.


How do I verify my Psychic Reviews account?

When you register for your free Psychic Reviews account, an email will be sent to the address you entered. This contains a verification link which you must click or copy and paste into your browser to verify your account. If you have not received it within 24 hours, please check your junk mail folder and if not there please contact us.

How do I change my basic account information?

After you login to your account, visit the community page. There you will see an additional drop down menu. Select Profile, then either Edit Profile or Edit Details. Change the options you wish to change and save the changes. There are also options to change your profile picture, notifications, preferences and more. You may also choose to delete your profile page using the menu options.

Can I add a photo my profile?

Yes, this is highly encouraged along with other means of personalising your profile. This may be done by logging in and choosing the edit profile picture option in the community section of Psychic Reviews.


What can I put on Psychic Reviews?

You can add any Psychic or Psychic related services and products so long as they have a relevant category already in place. If you believe you have relevant products or services to offer that do not presently fit into one of our categories, please contact us and we will create the category if we deem it suitable.


How do I add an event?

Adding events has changed since the 2019 update. Events are now tied to a profile/page, similar to Facebook. First you need to create your business profile and have it approved. Once that is done you can add events through your Dashboard.

Click your username, dashboard, then select events from the menu. Select add new event and complete the details. Events are added to your profile as well as to the psychic calendar.

Is it ok to have multiple events on different days?

Yes, as long as each event stands alone. For example if you run a training course 6 times a year, you can enter each one as separate events by the dates at which the course is on.


I am not happy with reviews I am receiving – Should I get my lawyers involved?

Whilst we love all things here at Psychic Reviews, even umm Lawyers, you may want to consider the following. Firstly you should be aware of what is labelled as the Streisand Effect. This can turn a very manageable customer service problem into a nightmare for a person or business. Lawyers do make use of threatening letters at times, but rather than be daunted by the prospect, an unhappy customer or user of your products will head to a public forum to advise others to steer clear of you at all costs. After all, they were obviously unhappy in the first place, hence the negativity, so threatening them with legal action is not going make them any happier. It may also help to take a step back and consider why they were unhappy. Talk to them, respond to their thoughts, see if you can resolve the issue amicably. You may just turn an unhappy customer into someone that sings your praises for going to the effort for them.

Also keep in mind that you are not likely to please everyone all the time, and reviews are no different. People generally have the intelligence though to read and decipher reviews and information and take what they need, so if something seems out of place then others may also feel the same.