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I am very happy today with my family. My name is rose sarah living in USA, My husband left me f...

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I am very happy today with my family. My name is rose sarah living in USA, My husband left me f...

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Astrology Reading & Reports in Australia

Astrology HeaderAs early as 30,000 BC humans have been charting the stars. It was noted that the stars moved in a fixed way, whilst the planets and moon would pass in front of them. Also, of note to our ancestors was that the events and affairs of people seemed to be linked to these movements.

For instance, when Mars was visible, people seemed prepared for war. Hence Mars was named after the God of War. When there was peace and harmony Venus was visible and hence was named as such. This formed the basis for all astrology as we know it today.

With study over centuries consolidating patterns and positioning, and bringing a greater understanding of the subtleties involved, we find ourselves in a time with a great depth of knowledge. Having the foresight to predict relationships and struggles that may occur has given way to it being widely known and accepted.

Western Astrology

We pick up a magazine and sure enough there’s our daily horoscope. Most people would know their sun sign and perhaps a basic understanding of its qualities. Several predictive techniques are used in Astrology however the majority come down to checking the positioning of planets against their positions on charts. It also makes use of rising signs.

Other Styles of Astrology

Another form of astrology many are becoming familiar with is Chinese Astrology. It is commonly known by its animal signs that were a Buddhist invention. The full system incorporates the elements, yin and yang, the I Ching and signs.

There are however many types around the world including Mayan and Aztec, Celtic tree, Arabic and native America. Each has its own variations and interpretations, but they also share some similarities.

Astrology Reports

In Australia you will find astrological consultations and reports a common feature amongst those in the craft. Some common services include:

  • Birth or Natal Chart Reading
  • Personal Report
  • Love Report
  • Goddess Report
  • Solar Year Report
  • Compatibility Report
  • Horoscope Reading
  • Soul Chart Reading

To understand what each one involves, visit the astrologer offering the report.

Combination Reports

With gifted psychics experienced in different modalities including astrology, combination reports have become popular in Australia. They can combine a report with numerology, tarot and clairvoyance or others styles to help you gain a greater insight.

What is the cost of an astrology reading or report?

Each practitioner has their own approach and their own pricing schedule. This can be based on experience, popularity, length of report as well as other factors. Some package a few smaller reports together that others make available individually. You’ll find a common range is between $50 and $225 in Australia for a single personal report.