Body Mind & Psychic Expo


The Body Mind & Psychic Expo is a 2 day festival of fun and entertainment. It is a showcase of Adelaide’s alternatives health, lifestyle, natural remedies, relaxation and a chance to explore the Psychic through tarot, astrology, palmistry and numerology.

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A bi-monthly full colour gloss, 80-page magazine, the content includes topics such as consciousne...
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When investigators have exhausted every lead and turned over every stone. When detectives are out...
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07 5538 711807 5538 7118
Looking for a healthier more inspired lifestyle, or wishing you could find the pathway to inner p...
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03 9276 555503 9276 5555
Only at the MindBodySpirit Festival can you find exciting new  experiences, ideas and products fo...
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1300 76 99901300 76 9990
At The Psychic Expo, held at various regional Queensland centres, you can expect to find between ...
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0419 709 6610419 709 661
Free Spiritual Health and Beauty Expos held throughout NSW and South East Queensland People can c...
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Connect with Australia’s expert mediums, psychics and clairvoyants live and interactive. Ou...
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Discontinued magazine that covered everything from hypnosis to spoon bending, Old issues may be o...
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0477 915 0310477 915 031
NOVA Magazine is Australia’s leading holistic health and lifestyle publication, linking East and ...
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Online Psychic Alliance has been formed to represent independent phone psychics and independent 1...
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Can we connect minds? This is my first in a series of interactive videos where you the viewer can...
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Take this 3-minute test to find out how psychic you are and how it’s influencing your life....
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How developed is your psychic ability? Take the Psychic Ability Test where you predict the future...
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Are you psychic? Predict the top card by clicking on one of the 5 card faces to see if you match....
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07 3351 556607 3351 5566
Annual magazine offering a comprehensize listing of accredited psychics as well as articles. The ...
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08 8396 675208 8396 6752
0405 630 1310405 630 131
Free magazine covering spirituality, personal growth and health and wellbeing available throughou...
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03 9842 189603 9842 1896
0434 547 2160434 547 216
Print magazine is distributed in the Australian states of NSW, QLD, VIC and WA monthly and covers...
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The Search for Australia’s Most Gifted Psychic featured 10 of Australia’s top psychics in a quest...
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