Tarot Correspondence Course

It also include tips on becoming a reader and how to effectively make the transition from a beginner to a practising tarot reader. Based on Paul’s 26 years experience studying and teaching the tarot, this simple, practical course helps to remove the mystery from tarot reading and inspire you to become the best reader you can be. This complete kit includes – a Rider Waite tarot deck – including a blank card. – a copy of the new edition of Paul’s best selling book, The Tarot Revealed – including colour charts. – a 119 page handbook containing 19 simple lessons, tips, psychic cleansing guidelines and a tarot log. (This handbook is only available with this course and is not sold separately.) – practical self assessments – with answers, to help you to measure your progress. – a 42 minute DVD Discover the Tarot which demonstrates the shuffling and the reading process, and allows you to watch demonstration readings as they unfold. – five laminated A4 colour charts to help you to learn the cards including the Karma Reading and the Seven Card Layout. – an A4 laminated chart offering psychic cleansing techniques to ensure that you and your surroundings are cleansed and protected. – email follow up with Paul Fenton-Smith (30 minutes of questions about your tarot studies), if you encounter any hurdles.