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Numerology in Australia

From the moment you are born you are allocated numbers that have a meaning in your life. Date of birth, phone number, house number to name a few. Numerology unlocks the magic in numbers and their symbolic meanings.

Numerology dates back in its many forms to ancient times and in many parts of the world. The standard system used in western society today is based upon the Pythagorean method. As such, Pythagoras the Greek philosopher and mathematician is said to be the father of numerology. He believed that numbers can unlock the secrets of the universe and nature.

Numerology Basics

In today’s times the basic premise is that everything is constantly vibrating with energy. Numbers are viewed as symbols of the cycle of energy and thought to reveal the patterns of life itself. Numbers that an individual is associated with including birth date and name form part of a template for the energy of the person’s life.

In basic numerology, the 9 numbers are each assigned a meaning. How you arrive at these numbers will depend on the variation chosen by a practitioner. In addition to the 9, there are also secondary numbers that have their own interpretations. There are three essential numbers you should work out as a base, and things start to get a lot more detailed from there.

Readings & Reports

In Australia, Numerology is offered by way of readings as well as reports. A consultation with a psychic will commonly help guide you through your life cycles and understand periods of your life. A report will provide you an analysis of your numbers in a range of areas and may also include predictions for an upcoming period.

The cost of Numerology in Australia varies greatly. Computer generated reports are often provided at minimal cost and by email. A full consultation with a psychic who may also utilise other modalities will cost a lot more.