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Palmistry in Australia

Palm Readings or Palmistry is a very intricate style of reading that combines many elements of the hand as well as using intuition. Reader and client are often in contact during a reading and it can prove a kind and friendly experience. Both hands are read during the reading with each having a different meaning, hence a reader will ask which your predominant hand is.

Many have an inkling as to the basics of palmistry which cover the major lines on the hand such as the life, head and heart lines. It is a lot more detailed however with additional lines, aspects of the hand such as shape and proportion, markings, patterns and mounts. The hand will also be interpreted as a whole, taking into consideration all information gathered.

Also note that the lines and mounts can change which gives an understanding that everyone has control over their own life. A reader may ask your age to help ascertain such aspects of the reading.

Where to get a palm reading?

Unlike many forms of divination, a palm reading needs to be done in person. As explained earlier, lines by themselves are not enough for a reading, so a single photo would be insufficient. One could perhaps provide a series of photos from different angles, but to date we don’t know of any psychics offering this service or that would consider doing so.

You can conduct a search to find palm readers nearby, or browse and discover one in your region.

Why Psychic Reviews?

We are here to help you connect with gifted people and services. The Palmistry services you see here are all independent practitioners and their reputation is important. When you book a reading, you’ll be doing so directly with the reader. What we hope if is that you will return and share your journey with us, and this is gift enough.