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Alex Fulford

International Clairvoyant Medium

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Amanda Hall

Psychic Hall of Fame 2013

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Amanda Starr

Celebrity Psychic Medium & Spiritual Consultant

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Andrew Warnes

I have been seeing Andrew since 2016, it is 2020 now and every time I get a reading, he is alwa...

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Anna Comerford

Change, Peace and Freedom

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Anne Shotter

Tarot Consultant and Teacher

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Annie Labri

Celebrity Psychic Medium

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Barbara Jones

Tarot Therapist & Psychic Medium

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Blair Stewart

Thank you Blair - After a heartbreaking recent and a turbulent 2019 I was seeking guidance and ...

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Carolyn Flynn

Very accurate on all of her information would totally recommend her to anyone ! – Anne...

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Cassandra Knight

Psychic Tarot Astrologer

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Christine Rose

Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher

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Diane Dwyer

Psychic Medium Readings at the Diaura Centre of Wellbeing

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Elizabeth Joy

Psychic Medium Author

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Elizabeth Wilde

Psychic Trance Medium

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Francis Bevan

Australia's Most Accurate Clairvoyant, Psychic & Astrologer

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Tarot SpreadDo you want a Tarot Reading?

Discover gifted psychics in Australia that will perform a tarot card reading online, in person, or by phone.

What about Free Online Tarot Card Readings?

It’s free! What could be wrong about that? There is all manner of spreads and decks available online. Page after page offering you a free reading. But how does it work?

  1. Select the tarot deck you desire.
  2. Ask a question for consideration.
  3. Pick a card, 3 cards (past, present, future), or a spread.
  4. Read what the cards have to say.

The interpretation, and how it applies to your life, is up to you or already written in code. It is essentially a self-reading based on what cards a computer chooses. Some of the one card readings allow you to select from a few options. But how you interpret the meaning remains up to your own intuition. In many cases you are required to read between the lines.

Free tarot is an extremely popular activity online. One site, that provides a 6-card spread of the major arcana, states it has been consulted over 50 million times! That is an amazing number of people from around the world using an electronic service.

How does a tarot card reading work?

There are many psychics throughout Australia available for tarot readings. Each will have their own deck of choice, own approach, and their own favourite spreads. You can also choose in person, email, phone and online readings. As you can see there really is no set way a tarot reading is performed, but we’ll try to give you an overview.

Question Reading

Readings are often done in the form of questions. This is where you as a client are seeking answers to some of life’s more pressing issues. A common style of reading seeks to answer three questions. A question is asked, the cards are spread, and the cards interpreted. With many spreads the layout and order of the cards will have a meaning. In many of the simple online readings there’ll be three cards representing in order past, present and future.

Life Reading

In addition to question readings, there are also open ones. This is where the tarot will cover all aspects of your being with a view to providing guidance and awareness.

A comprehensive reading performed by a psychic may contain 10 cards or more. The Celtic Cross for example covers many facets from hopes and fears, recent past, immediate challenge and best outcome.

Anyone in theory could perform a tarot reading and gain insight with a little study and awareness. When used in combination with highly developed psychic abilities however is when the cards really start to express a deeper meaning.

Psychic Shuffling Tarot Cards

What does it cost?

As with any service, the practitioner sets their own prices. This may vary based on experience, location and popularity. It will also be based on time, with 30 minute and one hour sessions the most common.

The best place to get a low price on a tarot card reading is at the expos, fairs and festivals. It is common for there to be a set price covering all practitioners. The ones of late I have attended are in the $50-$55 range for 30 minutes.

If you are looking at a session outside of the events, the average price ranges from $60 to around $80 for 30 minutes. One hour readings range from $100 to $140. There are of course exceptions to this rule with some charging upwards of $220 an hour for their services.

Tarot Readers Rated and Reviewed

At PsychicReviews.com.au we take great pride in being impartial. Our efforts to share reputable psychics with help and guidance from our visitors is important to us. Discovering the views and opinions of others that have had a psychic reading with a practitioner gives us all great insight. You are more than welcome to add and share. All insights are welcomed so long as they are honest.

There are a few Tarot Card Readers that have been reviewed. You can read what was shared and consider it when making your own choice. The new rating system also lets you add a quick thought on the rating itself. Was it interesting, funny, you loved it, or does it need reporting? The Practitioner may also respond to the review. Once you have had a reading, we do appreciate you taking he time to share with us. Did you find peace? Did you walk away with a path forward? Were they wonderful to be around? Would you visit again? What ever your thoughts, we would love to hear from you.