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Located on the eastern most point of Australia, Byron is an eclectic paradise. Where alternative therapies and healing are considered a part of the norm, it’s not surprising that you’ll find Psychic Healers in the area. You will also find many Byron Bay Psychics. Mediums, Intuitives and Clairvoyants from all walks of life live in the local area, although not all have a website. Take a stroll or ride a bike to have your cards read, your dreams interpreted or take in messages from the spirits.


Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
02 66847 87702 66847 877
0404 066 7070404 066 707
I offer Life Path Readings which cover areas around career, finances, relationships, home, family...
Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
0438 733 1270438 733 127
Rita’s intuition and psychic ability connects you with your subconscious mind, which brings...
Dunoon, New South Wales, Australia
A Clairvoyant Healing treatment with renowned Australian practitioner and author BelindaGrace, is...
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