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Alex Fulford

International Clairvoyant Medium

mapMarkerGrey Kingsmill Street, Kambah ACT 2...


I'll see the future

mapMarkerGrey Canberra ACT, Australia...

Anna Comerford

Change, Peace and Freedom

mapMarkerGrey Monash ACT, Australia...

Carrie De Block

It's not a coincidence you are here...

mapMarkerGrey Belconnen ACT, Australia...

Diane Dwyer

Psychic Medium Readings at the Diaura Centre of Wellbeing

mapMarkerGrey Canberra ACT, Australia...

Matthew James

Traditional Medium

mapMarkerGrey Canberra ACT, Australia...

Milton Black

Australia's Leading Astrologer

mapMarkerGrey Canberra ACT, Australia...

Natalee Finn

Natalee was spot on! She was able to connect to my uncle and was accurate with the information,...

mapMarkerGrey Canberra ACT, Australia...
mapMarkerGrey Canberra ACT, Australia...

Suzy Cherub

Absolutely loved my reading with Suzy and to top it off I had an Angelic Reiki session. She is ...

mapMarkerGrey 68 Collings Street, Pearce Aus...

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Chakras in Angel WingsThere is something for everyone in Australia’s capital city. With a population of over 410,000 people, there is a large spiritual and holistic base. It is also a city etched by politics and power. In such ways it is important that one remain centred and grounded. Staying in balance, taking on spiritual guidance, just a few reasons to visit and invest in local healers and psychic services.

This is where Canberra’s finest local guide to Psychic Readings and Healings delivers on your needs. Online for 7 years, we have welcomed many visitors. And in this time, we have developed an understanding of just what services you are seeking. We have helped many find, connect and experience what Canberra Psychics have to offer. If you’re looking for a guide that’s free, easy to use and full of features, you’ve just found it.

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If you know what you ae looking for, the search will be quick and easy. It offers you options of what and where. The what being the type of service. You can also include your own keywords here. The where is a choice of region, or you can use the find me option. This will select all services within a certain distance of your location. Put together you can find a Clairvoyant within 20km of your house, or a Psychic Medium in Canberra. The choices are yours.

Psychic Readings in Canberra, ACT!

If you’re a local of Canberra it’s safe to say your city is an interesting one. Surrounded by some of Australia’s most scenic locations and a home away from home for many in politics. As the largest inland city in Australia it has a unique atmosphere. Visitors each year pass through amazed at the official buildings and history. The spiritual side of Canberra though is what interests our visitors the most.

Spirituality Church of Canberra

The Spirituality Church of Canberra is considered the biggest in Australia. It has a focus on mind, body and spirit and was founded 9 years ago. The church hosts regular healing sessions, has a healing team and a mediumship and guidance team. The services are held at the Community Hall in Collett Place, Pearce.

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