Milton Black

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Parliament Drive Capital Hill Australian Capital Territory 2600 AU
02 6100 348202 6100 3482
0428 191 4370428 191 437

Milton Black MIOF, MAFA, is a professional astrologer, has been involved with astrology for 40 years, and is rated as one of the most sought after professional astrologers in the world.

Milton is reported to have the largest full-time, private consulting practice in Australasia, with an international clientele exceeding half a million.

Milton currently writes Numerological features for New Idea magazine, Australia’s top selling weekly magazine. He also wrote the monthly stars and numerology columns for Womans Day, Family Circle magazines and the Moon Planting Guide for the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. For a period of four years, Milton predicted the weekly global stock market trends and investment tips according to the stars in his column with John Fairfax Money Manager F2 Internet services. For 16 years, Milton wrote his much sought-after weekly stars column in Australia’s New Idea magazine.

Reading Types and Services
Astrology, Numerology, Tarot
Communication Type
Associations and Affiliations
Australian Federation of Astrologers, International Society for Astrological Research
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