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It is easy to gain exposure at Psychic Reviews. We offers Psychics, Healers, New Age Shops and more, a variety of ways to aid in growth and development. We have Psychic Solutions to share.

Be Seen on Psychic Reviews

When visitors to the site review your services or products, your listing will be featured in various locations around the site, giving you extra exposure to your target audience. If you don’t have your free listing yet, be sure to register and then add your free listing in the relevant category. Your listing can include photos, social media links, website link, location map, contact details and more. You can also showcase a YouTube video about your service or product.

Spread the word

Who know your products or services better than your clients? So what better way to spread the word than to have them give an honest review. It’s free, it’ll get you noticed, and it can help you attract new customers. Shout it out on Facebook, tweet it loud, spread the word in person, and be sure to get them involved. Link them directly to your Psychic Reviews profile and request a review. You may find you even learn a little about what your clients think in the process. Feedback can be a very useful tool.

Best of All it’s completely FREE!


Many Psychics are well aware that using testimonials on your website can build trust and credibility. The biggest problem with this however is that many people in todays world of information and awareness understand that these testimonials can be selective, in other words you pick and choose what to display. To help build another level of trust and give real value to testimonials about your services and products, why not point a link on your Testimonials page to your profile and reviews page on Psychic Reviews Australia. Let your potential customers see unabridged and independent reviews and testimonials about your services and show them that you welcome feedback and have confidence in your services.

As an example, if a company tells you their products are great, do you trust what they are saying? If a companies website has testimonials saying their products are great, do you believe in those statements or do you feel there is possibly something missing? If you visit an independent reviews website and many people have given what appear to be informative and detailed reviews of a product including both good points, points of improvement and maybe even things they don’t like, do you feel as though you now know more about what is important to you in making a choice?

Manage your reputation

Your online reputation has never been more important. With the dramatic increase in internet usage and Psychics now embracing such tools as online chat (Skype etc) and email, your image is crucial for success. At Psychic Reviews we allow you to respond directly to your reviewers and customers thoughts. Far from a negative review being all doom and gloom, it can be an opportunity for you to interact and solve issues resulting in improved satisfaction for all.

To find out how you can interact online with potential customers, customers and reviewers through Psychic Reviews, please contact us for more information.

Contribute an Article

Looking for that extra exposure? Become a content contributor and have your articles shared on Psychic Reviews.

What’s on offer for you:

  • You can influence and speak to our growing audience
  • Every article you create will be linked to your website
  • Assert yourself as an authority in your field and build trust

What we are looking for:

  • Unique articles that would appeal to visitors of the site
  • Well written or conversational in tone

If you would like to contribute an article, please contact us with additional details.

Add Workshops, Appearances, Events

Are you running a workshop or course, attending an event, making an appearance somewhere? Be sure to promote it at Psychic Reviews. Our Events Calendar is open for expos, festivals, fairs, workshops, courses and other relative events.

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